Species Specifics

As you probably already know, there are a great deal of different pufferfish out there.  Aquarists have no doubt been confused at one point or another regarding the differentiation between them.  Puffernet concentrates on the freshwater and brackish varieties.  You can index them below by their common or scientific name.  Identifying your puff is vital.  Pay close attention to the type of puffer you purchase from your LFS, as each species has specific needs .  *use your browser's "find" feature to search this page

 Carinotetraodon imitator
 Takifugu rubripes
 Tetraodon lineatus
 Tetraodon somphongsi
Carinotetroadon lorteti
 Tetraodon biocellatus
 Tetraodon lorteti
 Tetraodon steindachneri
Chonerhinos modestus
Tetraodon cutcutia
Tetraodon mbu
Tetraodon travancoricus
Chonerhinos nefastus
Tetraodon duboisi
Tetraodon modestus
Xenopterus naritus
Colomesus asellus
Tetraodon erythrotaenia
Tetraodon nigroviridis
Colomesus psittacus
Tetraodon fluviatilis
Tetraodon palembangensis
Monotreta travancoricus
Tetraodon leiurus
Tetraodon schoutedeni
 spotted puffer confusion?

 abeni puffer
Congo puffer
 green puffer
 red-bellied puffer
 Amazon puffer
 dwarf puffer
 greenbottle puffer
 red-eye puffer
 avocado puffer
 dwarf sea frog
 Malabar puffer
 sea frog
banded puffer
fahaka puffer
malayan puffer 
Somphongsi's puffer
figure-eight puffer
occellated puffer 
spotted Congo puffer
Brazilian puffer
freshwater puffer
parrot puffer
spotted puffer
bronze puffer
fugu puffer
Peruvian puffer
spotted puffer confusion?
bumblebee puffer
giant puffer
pygmy puffer
Stanley pool puffer
Ceylon puffer
globe fish
red line puffer
target puffer
 common puffer
golden puffer
red striped toadfish
twin spot puffer


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