Tetraodon erythrotaenia  (samurai puffer) Bleeker, 1853

*aka:  red striped toadfish, red lined puffer
T. erythrotaenia, the red striped toadfish
Origin  Indonesia, Papua New Guinea
pH Range  7.0
Temp.   75 - 82F (24 - 28C)
Hardness  unavailable
Salinity  fresh to brackish (occasionally)
Length  to 3.3 inches (8.5 cm) 
Diet  live, frozen

T. erythrotaenia is found in the freshwater and brackish mangroves and streams of Asia and Oceania.  It exhibits a red line between its dorsal and ventral coloration.  The samurai's eye coloration tends toward a reddish hue.  It is mildly aggressive.

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