Chonerhinos nefastus ( greenbottle puffer ) Roberts, 1982.

*aka: no additional aliases.
C. nefastus, the greenbottle puffer
Origin  Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand
pH Range  unavailable
Temp.   unavailable (tropical)
Hardness  unavailable
Salinity  freshwater
Length  to 5 inches (13 cm) 
Diet  live, frozen

C. nefastus occurs in the freshwater rivers, streams and floodplains of certain southeast asian countries.  It bears the dubious latin "nefastus" derived from "nefas", meaning wrong or sinful.  The variation can be loosely translated into "wicked" or malicious".  This seems applicable, since it is a very aggressive tetaodont.  This is not a fish for a community aquarium.  Wild greenbottle puffers feed on other fish, and will attack fish many times their size.

There is limited information on these fish.  If you have any additional data on this species, kindly email Puffernet.

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