Ceylon Puffer (tetraodon ____? )

*aka:  ceylon green puffer, Sri Lanka puffer,
Ceylon puffers
Origin  India, Sri Lanka, Indochina region
pH Range  6.5 - 7.0
Temp.   78 - 80F (25 - 26C)
Hardness  11 - 12dH 
Salinity  brackish
Length  to 6 inches (15 cm) 
Diet  live, frozen

The Ceylon puffer is something of a mystery, at least concerning its nomenclature.  There is little information available about its precise scientific name.  Although sometimes sold as Tetraodon bicellatus (figure eight), it is most definitely a different looking fish.  While it bears a remarkable resemblance to T. bicellatus , its dorsal pigmentation pattern is has a rather patchy pattern without the 8's trademark green border (without the figure 8).  They are said to have a gentle (as far as puffs go) disposition.

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