Fish Tales for: Ceylon Puffer

Hi puffer-keepers

  My Ceylon puffer looks very like the photos on this site, except that the
  spots run right under its belly and fuse to make a dark ventral line. It's
  kept in freshwater, is about 2.5 inches long, and is the greediest fish
  I've ever owned. He lives on frozen bloodworm, and is not above taking a
  bite out of my hand when he gets the chance. I certainly wouldn't trust him
  with anything other than the plec that shares the tank, which is quite
  capable of looking after itself.

Brian Ward

I had a beautiful ceylon puffer that ended up nipping the tail fins of all
  three of my scorpion fish and killing two seba monos. I caught him chasing
  the third sea mono down. It also peeled (nipped all the skin off) a green
  striped spiny eel that I had. I soon took him back to the LFS and
  got  credit.

Kirk Lieberg

I initially had 2 ceylon puffers in a tank together.  One was a lot lighter coloured and somewhat
   larger than the other- maybe this a difference between males and females I dont know?!.  Anyway,
   it certainly wasnt a match made in heaven, the darker specimin harassed the lighter one to death!
   So now there is one. Alone this fish seems much more content.  I do find it is a very picky eater- it
   tends to go through food fads, so one minute will eat nothing but shrimp and the next cant stand
   the sight of it?!  I sympathise with Kirk - my puffer will actually elevate itself out of the water to
   reach my fingers as I try to feed it!!
   Amanda Green

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