Tetraodon schoutedeni ( spotted congo puffer ) Pellegrin, 1926

*aka:  congo puffer, green spotted puffer, spotted puffer, river puffer, round puffer.
Origin Congo Republic, Congo Dem. Republic
pH Range  6.5 - 7.5
Temp.   72 - 79F (22 - 26C)
Hardness  10 - 20dh 
Salinity  freshwater
Length  to 3.5 inches (9 cm) 
Diet  live, frozen

T. schoutedeni is a mild-mannered freshwater puffer from the Congo Republic.  It lives almost exclusively in the Congo River, which forms the Malebo pool (formerly Stanley pool) near its conclusion.  Reproductive pairs are dioectic and the female lays her eggs in leaves or similar submersed fauna.  The male will sometimes guard the clutch.  These puffers are some of the more peaceful of its genus.
One of the more commonly sold puffers, it is often confused with T. fluviatilis, and T. nigroviridis.   There are some differences.  In short, T. schoutedeni has a distinct club-like shape with backward pointing spines along its underbelly.  Identifying these similar looking fish is important, since one is brackish and the others fresh.  You can view an in-depth differentiation in these species here.

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