Tetraodon miurus(Congo puffer) Boulenger, 1802

*aka:  no aliases listed
T. miurus, the Congo puffer.  Note the position of its eyes and the range of body coloration.

Origin  Congo Basin (central Africa)
pH Range  7.0
Temp.   75 - 82F (24 - 28C)
Hardness  5 - 15dH
Salinity  freshwater
Length  to 6 inches (15 cm) 
Diet  Live, some frozen (worms)

T. miurusis a freshwater puffer found in the larger rivers (and sometimes rapids) of central Africa.  These puffers prefer sandy bottoms, since they like to bury themselves up to their eyes.  It will spend much of its time this way, as they have evolved an almost dorsal placement to their eyes.  Their diet consists of invertebrates (such as worms and the like) and the occasional crustacean.  The Congo puffer is capable of wide color changes (possibly to adapt to the color of the aquatic floor) ranging from dark browns to greenish-brown to an almost yellow or orange hue.
This is an highly aggressive puffer, lying in wait until something tasty passes by.  If you are able, it should be fed feeder guppies and live ghost shrimp.  Tankmates, if it is to have any, should be considerably larger.  I personally would not put any other fish into its tank, unless it is to become food. T. miurus is best kept in a freshwater aquarium with a deep, sandy substrate.  Large rocks are appreciated as well, since the Congo puffer will often mimic them.
If you are into aggressive fish, this one's definitely for you!

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