Tetraodon biocellatus ( figure-eight puffer) Tirant, 1885

*aka:  Tetraodon palembangensis, Tetraodon steindachneri (invalid), eyespot puffer, kugelfisch palembang
The unique markings of T. biocellatus, the figure-eight puffer.
Origin  Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia
pH Range  6.5 - 7.5
Temp.   72 - 79F (22 - 26C)
Hardness  5 - 12dH
Salinity  fresh to light brackish
Length  to 3 inches (8 cm) 
Diet  live, frozen

T. biocellatus is a freshwater puffer inhabiting rivers in southeast Asia.  Its bright yellow dorsal markings form shapes roughly similar to the number eight, hence its nickname.  These fish come in dioectic pairs which are laid on leaves and such.  The clutch is guarded by the male, commonly.  Only mildly aggressive to peaceful, figure eight pufferfish are among the better candidates for a community tank.  Keeping in mind they are still puffers, they can be kept somewhat docile by giving them lots of room and food (I'd be pretty docile too!).  Although found in freshwater rivers in the wild, they do best with a little salt in their water.

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