Fish Tales for: Tetraodon biocellatus


   Figure Eight Puffers are great!! If you are interested in getting a
   puffer,the "eight" is a great one to start with.They can tolerate variances
   in the Salinity,and are'nt as fragile as some of the other species in my
   experiences.They are hardy,and are good eaters as well.They are active and
   always seem to keep busy motoring around the tank in search of food.I've had
   one now for over two years and he or she is over 2" long and has doubled in
   size.I originally purchased a pair of them,the other died after about a year
   or so mysteriously.But as for the one I have now,hes(or she!) doing great.To
   me the "eight"seems to be one of the more peaceful species also.I have him in
   a brackish water tank with different selections of Mollies and he does
   well.Occasionally he would nip at the Lyretail Mollies long hanging tails,but
   never killed any or  wounded any.He doesnt even go after the babies! I dont
   know if he has ever picked any babies off though.If so I didnt see it
   happen.But generally he gets along rather well with the other fishes in the
   tank.To me the commonly available Green Spotted Puffer is a more aggressive
   individual.I had one with my Figure-8 and the Spotted was definitely the
   meaner of the two.He would chase away the eight from food and the eight was
   in the tank alot longer.I havent had good luck with the Spotteds,he
   eventually died,I didnt have him very long.They seem more finnicky in
   relation to levels,salinity etc.I feed my Figure Eight a variety of foods and
   snails are top on the list.I have a separate aquarium for snails & Ghost
   shrimps.He like most Puffers loves his snails,if a snail is too big for
   him,I'll smash up its shell a little bit to help him out.However if it can
   fit in his mouth,he'll suck it in and crunch it right up.i also feed mine
   Ghost Shrimps as an occasional treat.Sometimes I kill them first by giving
   them a good squeeze to the head.If this is too cruel for you,place the shrimp
   in a container of water and stick in your freezer for 10-15 minutes or
   less.The shrimp if not frozen by now will be stunned and literally "on
   ice".Sometimes if not long enough in the freezer,the warm water of the tank
   will revive them.The reason I usually kill the shrimp is because otherwise
   the Eight will give up the chase.He doesnt even bother the couple of live
   "survivors" that hise out in the plants and forage the bottom.I also feed
   mine freeze dried plankton as a regular "everyday food",and any small insects
   I come across like those small black tiny beetles you sometimes see on your
   screens or carpet.He once "sucked up" a smaller dragon or damselfly nymph.I
   should try some small or pieces of earthworms too.And some foraging at a
   nearby pond should yield some aquatic insects and hopefully some mosquito
   larva too.I love my Figure Eight and he is quite amusing to watch even
   now.Because of him I also have 2 Black River puffers though they're not as
   active as the Eighht and are very aggressive.Theyre in a tank all by
   themselves.I also have a pair of Golden Dwarf puffers.Very tiny but very
   interesting,they're busy little bees!
   Feel free to email me,I'm no expert but nevertheless an enthusiast,and I
   enjoy talking about Puffers

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