Tetraodon cutcutia (avocado puffer) Hamilton, 1822

*aka:  common puffer, ocellated puffer, sea frog, malayan puffer. [invalid: Monotretus cutcutia, Monotretus cutcutia, Monotreta gularis, Leisomus marmoratus]
T. cutcutia, the common puffer
Origin  Malaysia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka
pH Range  7.0
Temp.   75.2 - 82.4F (24 - 28C)
Hardness  10dH
Salinity  freshwater, light brackish
Length  to 5 inches (13 cm) 
Diet  live (some may accept frozen)

T. cutcutia is a common puffer in the aquarium trade.  It hails from the ponds, canals and riverine systems of southeast Asia.  The common puffer is a notorious fin nipper.  It usually requires live and possibly frozen food, refusing to accept prepared and/or dry types.  Its natural diet consists of snails and aquatic insects and their larvae.  The mated pair of these fish nest in rocky areas, with the male guarding the clutch.  He continues his parental protection until the fry reach an adolescent stage of development.  Sexing these fish is tricky, but the female tends to exhibit a pale color scheme with  yellow tint.

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