Tetraodon travancoricus (dwarf puffer) Hora and Nair, 1941

*aka:  Indian puffer, sea frog, bumblebee puffer, pygmy puffer, abeni puffer, gold puffer, dwarfed indian puffer, Malabar pufferfish, [invalid: Monotreta travancoricus, Tetraodon travancorius(misspelling), Monotetrus trauancoricus. ]
T. travancoricus (female)

T. travancoricus, the dwarf puffer.  (L - R : male,female)

 Another dwarf puffer, the Carinotetraodon imitator (L - R : male, female)

Origin  India
pH Range  7.0
Temp.   71.6 - 82F (22 - 28C)
Hardness  5 - 15dH
Salinity  freshwater
Length  to 1 inch (2.5 cm) 
Diet  Live,  frozen 

The dwarf  pufferfish is a hotly debated topic in nomenclature.  It seems there are two species identified as dwarf pufferfish, and some dissent about where to place them scientifically.  Check the Puffernet credits to get some in-depth info on the debate, as it is too esoteric and verbose to handle here. Whether or not there are two distinct species or slight variations of one species is still under debate.  The main distinction between the two puffers is the Carinotetraodon having a speckled coloration, while the travancoricus exhhibits a spotted, almost symmetrical pattern.  (IMHO, the difference in body type is somewhat akin to the differences in T. fluviatilis and T. nigroviridis.) Anyway, as this is an aquarist-oriented site, I'm more concerned about care than identification, since their needs are the same.
T. travancoricus (as per fishbase) is the dwarf pufferfish from the freshwaters of India.  They are becoming increasingly common in the aquarium trade.
It is said to be a hearty puffer (as far as puffers go), and somewhat aggressive as well.  Larger fish can be kept with these  puffers, but expect some fin nipping to occur.  Male dwarfs will become territorial when confronted with other males, therefore mating pairs of this puffer are suggested.  Sexing the dwarf pufferfish is quite simple.  The males of this species are leaner, with less of a round shape when compared to the female.  A more distinct difference in sexes is the male, who exhibits a dark ventral line.  This line is used to intimidate other males, and also becomes more pronounced during mating.
The dwarf puffer enjoys the normal puffer fare of invertebrates, crustacea, and mollusks.  Just take into consideration that this puffer is the smallest of its kind, and portion accordingly.

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