Fish Tales for: Tetraodon travancoricus

I have one of these puffers (had three, but two died when I moved from Ohio to Florida.)  They are very
  sweet little fish but hide most of the time, swimming and chasing the live brine shrimp which is his
  mainstay diet.
Anna Crawford


I purchased seven of these puffers a year ago.  Shortly after two died.  I have found that these fish either survive very well or die within the first few days.  They are the only fish in my 10 gallon tank and do not seem to be at all aggressive with each other.  Mine do not hide, they actually come up to the glass whenever I am near.  I keep the tank around 78-80 degrees and add aquarium salt anytime I change the water.  They enjoy frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp.  These puffers also like frozen squid pieces too.  However, they absolutely love snails!  I have seen these in pet stores for anywhere between $1.99 and $5.99.  Even though they are fairly inexpensive, I would only recommend this fish to those who have time to tend to them.  I feed mine twice a day because it seems like they have a rather fast metabolism.  Regardless, they are definitely my favorite fresh water fish.
Emily King

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