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As you know, there are a great many chemical remedies for ailing fish on the market these days.  Pufferfish owners (and any fish owner, for that matter) should be versed in the brand names and active ingredients.  Puffs are sensitive to some meds, therefore it is important to know their characteristics.  We're also sensitive to some chemicals, which is another reason to get the proper data on them.  I'm partial to Mardel Laboratories' medications, as they have been among the most successful for me.  This doesn't mean that there aren't many other effective medications as well.  As with all of Puffernet, use this page as a guideline, as you may develop your own preference. *(if you don't see a medication here, email Puffernet and I'll try to gather some info on it.  If you would like to contribute your pharmaceutical knowledge, don't hesitate!)

Before using any medication:

*  Be sure of your diagnosis.  You don't want to administer improper meds, as this may exacerbate the problem.
*  Confirm the volume of your tank.  If you aren't certain of the exact volume, find out.  Such uncertainty will throw off your dosage, and possible hurt your puffer in the process.
*  Seek a non-chemical cure.  If you can avoid putting chemicals into your water, do so.  If you can catch some diseases early, you may not have to medicate your puffers.  Temperature, ph, and salinity may do the trick.
*  Ensure the proper dosage.  Follow the directions to the letter on the packaging, but make modifications for your puffer with some meds. (e.g. malachite green, methylene blue, and formalin need to be given in half dosage)
*  Keep an eye on your patient!  Make sure your puff is responding to the meds properly, especially in the case of those which are considered somewhat toxic or irritating to scaleless fish. If this is not the case, remove the puffer and/or dilute the meds with a 50% water change.  Be careful, however, sometimes puffers get a little worse before getting better.  Some meds take a while to start working.

PLEASE NOTE:  Listed below are some of the more popular meds on the market today.  I have taken the liberty of quoting Mardel Labs' technical reference booklets included in their packaging. Other meds may be sourced by their generic name or active ingredient. If you have had success with a particular medication and it's not listed here, email Puffernet, preferably with complete info. 
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E.M. Tablets  Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Furan-2  Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Maracyn  Mardel Laboratories, Inc.
Maracyn-Two  Mardel Laboratories, Inc.
Maroxy  Mardel Laboratories, Inc.
Super Ick Cure Capsules with Nitrofurazone Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Triple Sulfa with Neomycin   Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
TriSulfa  Mardel Laboratories, Inc.
T.C. Capsules  Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Tetracycline Tablets  Mardel Laboratories, Inc.


Coppersafe  Mardel Laboratories, Inc.
General Cure  Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Maracide  Mardel Laboratories, Inc.
Maroxy  Mardel Laboratories, Inc.


Furan-2  Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
General Cure  Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Liquid Fungus Cure Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Maroxy  Mardel Laboratories, Inc.

Active ingredients/generic names

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