Tetracycline Tablets Mardel Laboratories, Inc.

For infections of:  Fin and Tail rot, Popeye, Gill Disease, and secondary infections.
Indications: Tetracycline Tablets are primarily indicated for control of gram-negative bacteria.  No product is effective against all bacterial infections.  Symptoms of clamped fins, general listlessness, no appetite or unusual behavior can be cased by internal infections, or in some cases, parasites.  If a fish does not respond to Tetracycline after five days, other Mardel medications should be used to treat infections not responding to Tetracycline.  Also, by alternating drugs, the possibility of developing resistant strains of bacteria is reduced.

Administration and Dosage: Maracyn-two should be dropped into the tank (not into the filter).  The tablets dissolve rapidly and circulate through the water.  An initital dosage of two tablets per ten gallons (37.85 liters) is recommended.  Repeat treatment every 24 hours for a total of five days.  Use of a hospital tank is recommended.
    It is not necessary to adjust pH, temperature or to make water changes if readings are in ideal range.  Maintain normal filtration and air.  If the activated carbon filter is over 5 days old, it may be left in place.  However, fresh carbon may reduce the activity of medications and should be removed.  Tetracycline Tablets cause a red discoloration in water and foam may collect on the surface.  After treatment, partial water changes and new activated carbon or charcoal will remove any remaining color.
*IMPORTANT:  Be sure to treat for the full five days using the dosage recommended, even if the symptoms disappear after a few days.

Precautions:  Any sudden change in aquarium conditions can be hazardous.  Make changes gradually.  In tanks sealed with silicone, some staining may occur.  Do not overdose.  Keep this out of the reach of children.  For aquarium use only.  This product is intended for exclusive use with ornamental fish and/or other ornamental organisms and is not intended for use with fish for human consumption.

Active Ingredients: 250mg Tetracycline hydrochloride/tablet

Notes from Mardel on biological filtration:  "Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas are recognized as the primary beneficial bacteria present in the biological filtration system of any aquarium.  Some drugs which treat fish diseases and parasitic infestations are harmful to these 'good' bacteria.  When the biological filter is upset, there is a buildup of ammonia and nitrite concentrations resulting in fish distress and death.  Mardel products have been tested with known strains of these bacteria with no adverse effects noted.  When used as directed, they do not interfere with the biological filter."

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