Puffer Pathology: Diagnostic Flowchart

This flowchart is based upon the Mardel Laboratories, Inc. "Mardel Fish Disease Chart."  It has been modified for pufferfish.  Start by viewing the "healthy" pufferfish diagram, then simply answer the questions by clicking the appropriate response.  Please note the dorsal region of the pufferfish has been darkened to help illustrate the effects of the particular disease in question.  Medications listed at the end of each section are those of Mardel Laboratories.  Similar results from appropriate medications may be found at the Rx Database.  Please use your browser's "back" and "forward" buttons to navigate within this flowchart.

The flowchart begins here:

The puffer appears flashing, darting, rapid swimming, with spots on its body or white stringy material on it.

[ yes]    [ no]

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