Fish Tales for: Tetraodon nigroviridis

Hi fellow puffkeepers!
First I'd like to thank PH and puffernet for this site.  It saved Hank, my spotted green puffer!  Hank lives with his buddy Horace in a 29 gallon planted tank.  His spots are kinda weird, since there's three that are almost on his belly!  I've started another tank, and plan to get some freshwater puffs, now that I have somewhere to access their info.


My puff oogly eats everything in sight!  Ive never had a pufferfish before,
and oogly is my favorite fish.  I'm amazed at how much he (or she?) eats.
Even when the snail I put in his tank is too big, he pecks away until
there's nothing left!  Then he goes and sleeps off his meal in his cave.
Yo PH!  Kickfin site ya got here!  Big Momma thanks you for the plants and caves in her tank
she's way happier now.  Holistic all the way!!!!!!!!!   Maxxi69


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