Fish Tales for: Tetraodon fluviatilis

Thanks puffernet for the databases, I don't know what I would've done if I lost my dear pufferfish Harry.  He had really bad ick, and the medicines weren't working too well.  Being a new puffer enthusiast, I also didn't know he needed salt to keep healthy <the LFS didn't know cr*p>.  He's now fat and happy, and I'm really really thankful!  I'll be sending you pix when I get my cam.  I'll make sure Harry smiles for you!

Holly Evans

Bug is my favorite fish.  He's totaly into snails, but for some reason likes to eat rocks too!!!  wow!!
The other day he swallowed one, and it bulged out in his belly.  Now it's gone~  hmm!?  He's fine,
though, and loves ramshorn snails.  He eats the little ones like popcorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  sometimes
he eats my plants too.  Weird, huh?  --thanks  Alex544
My puff swims up and down and up and down and up and, well, you get the idea, right?  It drives me nuts!  Now he's not doing it so much after putting some bogwood in there.  He likes to hide in this one crack until I come to the tank with goodies!   he eats until it looks like he's puffing up and then tries to fit his big butt in the same crack but can't! LOL!
My boyfriend, Marco (who I live with), being the sweet guy he is, baked me chocolate chip cookies
   2 days ago and decided to drop them on Superman's (our spotted puffer)'s tank!!  As it leaked
   profusely onto our carpet, I dipped my hand in there to save him and *CHOMP* he bit my pinky!!
   Now I have 2 little straight lines on my finger, and I thought that since Superman was only the size
   of a cashew nut, he couldn't bite anything except brine shrimp yet.  Regardless, I braved the pain
   and safely delivered him to a large jar until we could get a new tank that same day. :)  Our puffer,
   and 15 other fish, now live happily ever after in their new 21"x 30" tank.  Oh, and 'Deuce' is Marco's
   new nickname.  Well deserved!  ~Katrina, 02/03/02

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