Pufferfish Online
Project Puffer  a great pufferfish site from Puffergrrl--very complete, with some first-hand accounts of puffkeeping.
Pufferfish  a great site from Ian West, also one of the more complete pufferfish sites.
Pufferfish FAQ  An excellent pufferfish FAQ page from WetWebMedia, with emails and answers by Bob Fenner.
Puffers   great page from the "Cowfish and more!" site, by Theresa Ulrich.  Nice pics here.
Paul's fish  a nice page with plenty of pics!  Paul's got lots of puffs...
Ren's Aquarium  an excellent documentation of keeping and breeding dwarf pufferfish.  click here for japanese

Otherfish Online
Cowfish and more!  (some things are self-explanatory) a great site by Theresa Ulrich.
Planet Catfish  The e-authority on all that is catfish.

Scientific Resources
Fishbase   An indispensable global reference of fish.  Searchable database.
Tetraodon Home  STC sequencing of Tetraodon nigroviridis.  Lots and lots of pics too!
Ichthyology Web Resources  This site compiles online  Ichthyology resources of scientific and educational value.

Clubs and Newsgroups
CowfishPuffers_andMore Tetraodontiformes, especially cowfish, puffers, filefish, and triggers. Beginners to advanced aquarists.

Other Resources
Brackish Water Aquaria Discussion Group  Brackish water FAQ; very informative
Cathy's Homepage of Tropical Fishkeeping Want the fun stuff?  How about a good laugh?

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